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Our countries and societies place extremely important tasks before the institutions of Higher Education. To facilitate those tasks it is necessary to appoint academic staff with appropriate intellectual and practical skills. 

The mission of the Faculty of Food Technology of the URK is in line with the mission of the whole University. It can be described as a service for science, society and the economy of Poland. It involves conscious implementation of the educational process of students, development of new scientific personnel and conducting research to expand the existing knowledge and scientific theories in the field.

Faculty nurtures its history, drawing from rich traditions which goes back to the Jagiellonian University and afterwards to University of Agriculture in Kraków. Knowing their historical background and while at the same time being aware of the challenges of the modern world, the Faculty staff makes every effort to educate students into wise, knowledgeable, law-abiding and cultural citizens in the spirit of professional and social responsibility. Moreover they cultivate the pursuit towards the truth, respect for knowledge and creative abilities as well as teach the openness towards new civilizational ideas and academic freedoms. 

 The interdisciplinarity of the performed research, as well as including in the teaching process the knowledge from different science fields (agricultural, life, economic, legislation, humanistic, linguistic, mathematical, IT, engineering etc.), allows students to obtain versatile knowledge necessary to conduct advanced research and perform effective professional work. It also underlines the essential role of self-education to increase one’s attractiveness on the labor market.

An important part of the Faculty’s mission is to build and enhance the sense of academic community among the staff, students and graduates and to maintain the appropriate educational profile, develop thinking creativity and innovation in actions. All of this to build the environment to achieve bold scientific discoveries. 

The formation of appropriate scientific, moral and ethical attitudes among staff, students and graduates as well as educating in professions which are in high demand by the labor market, are an important goal in the strategy of Faculty development.


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