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Food Technology combines the issues from broad range of different sciences, including life and technical sciences together with economical and legislation aspects in relation to food and human nutrition. Faculty teaches in two fields of study: Food Technology and Human Nutrition and Commodity Science. The field of Food Technology and Human Nutrition has three specializations: Food Technology; Human Nutrition and Food Quality and Safety. The field of Commodity Science has only one specialization: Food Commodity.

The modern building of the Faculty is located on Balicka 122 street in Cracow and equipped with modern analytical equipment and the classes are carried out in comfortable conditions. Students have access to specialized library with access to scientific databases, computer laboratories with internet access, cafeteria and food and beverages vending machines.

 The exterior of the building of the Faculty of Food Technology

 The exterior of the building of the Faculty of Food Technology


 Studying in the Faculty student acquires broad knowledge about food science and professional experience which allows them to start working in the food technology and gastronomy sector or within the institutions which control and supervise the food production and distribution.
Faculty offers two-stage education. After the first stage, the graduate acquires the title of Engineer and can continue learning on Master studies.
Classes during first two semesters of Engineer studies are uniform for all students of within the field. During the Master studies, students are divided into smaller groups of a so-called specialization and the profile of their classes is adjusted to the requirements of each specialization (e.g. Fruits and Vegetables Processing; Food Analysis; Human Nutrition; Carbohydrates Technology etc.). 


Lecture on the Faculty of Food Technology

Laboratory classes at the Faculty of Food Technology


During the first years of the studies the classes include chemistry, mathematics, physics, biochemistry and machine science. The knowledge acquired afterwards is more practical in nature and is useful in both work and everyday life. The most interesting period starts after the third year of studies, when specialized classes about production and processing of different food products are introduced (e.g. Dairy Processing or Fermentation Technology). The advantage of the study course is high amount of laboratory activities, during which students learn the course of production processes specific for different food industry branches, as well as methods for analysis of products and raw materials. The sensory evaluation analysis of food products is also highly popular among students. 


The interior of the new building of the Faculty of Food Technology


After the second year of Engineer studies, students take part in study visits in various food processing plants, during which they can see for themselves and learn how different food processing plants operate on a daily basis.

Students from first year onwards can participate in activities of Science Clubs under the supervision of Faculty employers. This includes organization of science sessions during which students present their achievements and experiments. 

Students of the Food Technology Faculty can perform practice and study in many different foreign institutions. Such partner institutions are located for example in Adana (Turkey), Ghent (Belgium); Copenhagen (Denmark), Pardubice (Czech Republic), Lyon (France) and Vienna (Austria). The foreign exchange offer is broad and still expanding due to collaborating with more and more research and educational institutions all over the world. 

Faculty organizes additional training courses and post-graduate studies which allows to further improve professional skills. Moreover, Faculty hosts representatives from various food technology related associations such as: Polish Society of Food Technologist (PTTŻ), Society of Engineers and Technicians of Food Industry. Those associations often organize additional competitions, such as reward of Professor Franciszek Nowotny, for the best Master thesis awarded every year. 

With good time management skills students can easily accommodate working with studying, which allows to obtain additional funding but also acquire valuable work experience, which will benefit in the future.



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